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February 2016

CCL engineers recognised on world stage

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Clinton Prentice, one of CCL’s top technical consultants, has been accredited with VMware’s coveted vExpert status. Prentice’s current role in CCL is Technical Specialist with a focus on cloud technologies and specialising in VMware.

The vExpert title is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions to the VMware community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. The judges select people who are particularly engaged with their community and who have developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities.

This award builds on Prentice’s vChampion award earlier in 2015, and he also holds multiple VMware VCAP advanced certifications. “It’s humbling and rewarding to be recognised for your work over time” Prentice said, saying “I’m very fortunate to work for a company like CCL, they invest in their staff and focus on the people and culture within the company. Without the support of CCL Management this never would have occurred, putting me on major infrastructure projects that I could own, and them trusting me to deliver.”

“CCL has achieved an impressive array of awards over the past few years, and Vmware’s recognition of so many of our talented Engineers is something we are really proud of as a business” Says Andrew Allan, CCL CEO. “Jon [Waite], our CTO, was also honoured with the prestigious vExpert status in 2015. “Having this depth and strength of technical expertise, experience and passion throughout the organisation, from our CTO right through our engineers, is part of what really sets CCL apart. It’s part of our DNA as a company. “This philosophy flows right through to our service desk which we staff with trained engineers who can deliver true first call resolution.”

“For years I have always looked up to and read blog posts of VMware vExperts and held them in legend status so to be recognised at this level is a major achievement for me. I’ve put a huge amount of my personal life into VMware products, learning, studying and always putting myself in the deep end to challenge myself” said Prentice.

Prentice has studied and worked in the technology industry for the best part of 2 decades. Consistently upskilling himself to gain various certifications and qualifications. He is seen as a cloud expert and has built a reputation as one of the leading minds in his field. This recent accreditation from VMware is testament to this.

“Clint is a truly talented guy, He’s a hard worker and delivers some of the best technical solutions available. Having people like him as part of the large CCL family makes this place hum” said Allan. “We are all very proud of Clint and what he’s achieved.  He is a genuine asset to CCL as we continue to innovate and drive new solutions.”

For the last 25 years, CCL has prided itself on the people who work for them and the culture within the company. Their belief is simple. It’s all about the people. Andrew Allan (CEO) constantly states “People are CCL’s greatest asset. Hire for passion, train for skill.” CCL has grown from a one-man band 25 years ago to being one of New Zealand’s leading business IT providers with over 200 staff nationwide. They operate out of 6 different cities across New Zealand with significant investment in Data Centre Infrastructure and supporting services.