When your organisation competes for funding, every dollar spent goes under the microscope.

For many, cloud services, such as M365, demystify IT operating costs, helping to squeeze more value from budgets. But that still leaves ongoing management, which can prove challenging when you don’t have an internal IT team to shoulder the load. This is where specialist cloud service providers do great work. More than simply offering on-demand support and resources, their deep roots in public cloud platforms open the door to skills and knowledge often out of reach to individual client organisations.

Hockey New Zealand is a sporting administration success story. The national sporting body for field hockey has steered a decade’s worth of year-on-year growth in participant numbers, which today sees 88,000 players of all ages hit the turf.

Funded through a mixture of commercial partnerships, government and community grants, and philanthropy, the organisation’s 32 staff perform a massive administrative feat, delivering coaching and support programmes across the country – from national and elite level players to clubs and schools.

Staking its future on M365, Hockey New Zealand has had its eyes opened to the benefits of a truly mobile workplace. Anywhere access to email and other Microsoft services has freed up staff to spend more time with players, in the community, and working at remote locations.

Microsoft Teams is the glue, connecting remotely located staff and encouraging them to attend virtual meetings, often in numbers greater than attendees who appear at meetings convened at the organisation’s central Auckland head office. To wit, Hockey New Zealand’s first online AGM attracted a record turnout.

However, despite the success of its Microsoft cloud operating model, the sporting body still required technical expertise to track and resolve incidents, monitor cloud resources, and oversee critical services, including backing up business-critical Office 365 data.

Hockey teams in action, sponsored by CCL.

“I’m so pleased we’ve got CCL on the team, because they make my life so much easier.”

Jacinda Matzer, Administration Manager, Hockey New Zealand

Expert eyes on the cloud    

Hockey New Zealand’s administration manager, Jacinda Matzer, sits in the IT hot seat, managing day-to-day IT issues and working with the organisation’s CEO and finance manager to make the big decisions. Together, the team consulted staff before appointing CCL to manage the overall Microsoft cloud experience and deliver adjunct services, including procurement and hardware support.

“We do what we can, but we rely heavily on external providers, which is why I’m so pleased we’ve got CCL on the team, as they make my life so much easier,” Matzer said.

CCL’s managed service desk anchors the engagement, providing tiers of support with attendant incident logging, tracking, and resolution management. Deeper down, CCL also monitors cloud platform resources, including storage utilisation, licensing, processor performance, and availability.

CCL also deployed Veeam Backup for M365 to store a copy of Hockey New Zealand’s data independent of the source, extending Microsoft’s standard 30-day data retention policy, and providing peace of mind that files can be restored when needed.

Over the top, CCL’s remote IT administration service, Pulse, provides the company’s technicians with remote access to every device connected to Hockey New Zealand’s IT network, shortening incident resolution times, and eliminating travel costs. “The service is brilliant,” Matzer said. “We can see what’s happening, everything is tracked, nothing is lost, and a monthly report shows us what happened.”

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