CCL can work alongside your organisation to enable development and engineering teams adopt DevOps principles and instill a DevOps culture, to drive better outcomes with AWS Cloud.


CCL is committed to enabling its clients to rapidly adopt the AWS Cloud, and to make the most of the opportunity DevOps principles need to be employed.

Regardless of where clients are at in their cloud journey, CCL can work alongside them, in long-term engagements to enable development and engineering teams adopt DevOps principles and instill a DevOps culture.

CCL has multiple offerings related to DevOps reviews and enablement, and deep experience across the AWS DevOps tech stack, including CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeCommit and CodeArtifact.

Key benefits

Client culture transformation. Developers and engineering teams can react and respond to challenges, driving better collaboration and outcomes for the organisation.

Faster client adoption of public cloud services. Public cloud is an enabler for most organisations, and by adopting DevOps principles clients can maximise the value they get from these services.

Improved client engagement, with less body-shopping. By empowering teams to collaborate and engage with the wider business, results will be more effective. At the same time, progress won’t be impeded by the need to hire outside help.

Better strategic, long-term partnerships. Once you have adopted cloud, the journey has only just begun. DevOps allows organisations to move nimbly, empowers teams and helps drive deeper relationships with key stakeholders, including AWS.


At CCL, our mission is to become New Zealand’s most trusted multi-cloud and IT services partner. 

Our clients trust us to do the right thing, and our success is built on this trust. We work together with our clients to help them address business and technology challenges in ways that maximise opportunity – and minimise risk.

Clients call on CCL because they want a safe pair of hands to navigate an uncertain future. We’re respected for doing what we say we will – and often deliver more than we promise. 

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