Cyber Security User Awareness Webinar

In the ever-shifting and evolving world of technology, a lot of focus is spent on ensuring that you have the latest and greatest features and functionality in order to increase productivity, reach new markets, engage with customers in innovative ways and ultimately, become more profitable.

Whilst lots of effort is spent in these areas, it could all be in vain if you are exposed or suffer a form of security breach.  54% of the time, these lapses are caused by staff inadvertently clicking on the wrong thing or not fully understanding how things are configured.

In the current situation we find ourselves in, there has been a dramatic increase in organisations whose workforces are operating from home or remotely.  The ability to do this is unquestionably a positive, however, with the change in status quo, this can potentially lead to scenarios where your organisations data can be exposed.

Based on this, CCL held a user awareness security briefing for end users in early May and decided to make the recording available for everyone to send to their staff to help educate them understand the security landscape and be more informed both at work and home to better protect valuable data:

This session is suitable for all levels of users and offers an overview of the cyber security landscape, what an attack looks like and some easy practical tips to adopt to protect your environment. This is also a great chance to increase awareness of cyber security at senior levels within your organisation.

If you would like to run a live session with Q&A or need something more tailored to your organisation, please contact your local CCL office (office locations and details can be found in the “Contact” page of this website).

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