Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD, previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop) is an Azure-based virtual desktop platform that provides a viable strategy to organisations who are looking at cloud based desktop models as a successor to on-premise VDI or as a business continuity strategy.

Many customers are looking to move more of their services to cloud but have large on-premise footprints supporting their End User Compute environment (VDI, RDS). A managed AVD platform from CCL presents an opportunity to remove that on-premise footprint and provide users with a secure desktop and application delivery solution that is flexible, scalable and cost effective.

Take the first step to a robust, cost optimised and secure AVD environment by participating in CCL’s free two-part discovery workshop. These sessions have been designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Azure Virtual Desktop and how it can be leveraged in your organisation to meet your specific needs.


  • Workshop 1: Understanding business requirements (one hour duration)
    • Introductions
    • Overview of workshop and approach
    • Understand requirements and business strategy
    • Overview of the Azure Virtual Desktop value proposition
    • Short demonstration of AVD and management tools
  • Workshop 2: High level solution (one hour duration)
    • High level proposition of solution
    • Overview of adoption process and approach to design/build/deploy/manage
    • Discussion and next steps

At the end of these workshops you will have an understanding of how Azure Virtual Desktop can provide value to your organisation, and what steps and investment may be required.