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Primer magazine front cover

There are a lot of questions to answer before you take your business into the cloud.  

Will you go with public cloud? Which public cloud will you go with? Or is an on-premise solution better suited for your requirements? Hybrid? In-country? If you go with a mix, what will that mix look like? 

Then there’s the big questions about your business itself. What does your team need to look like? How do your processes need to change? How do you put together a long-term strategy? 

Primer magazine maps you through uncharted territory.

Primer covers topics like: 

  • Strategy: where to start? 
  • The economics of cloud adoption 
  • Total cost of ownership and return on investment 
  • Digital transformation – what does this mean for you? 

Created in partnership HPE, Primer delivers global expertise, with local perspective.  

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