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Every year, more businesses move to the cloud.  But not every organisation is the same – they come from a different context, and often have different requirements.  What are yours?

Dawn signposts multiple directions

You may need an in-country solution. You may need a public cloud solution. Or you may need a blend of both to help address where you are and where you’d like to go.  

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CCL understands the value technology can provide. We aren’t “all in” on any preferred solution. We don’t have only one destination to offer. Rather, we offer choice, so you can choose the direction that gives you what’s best for your business.  With CCL, you can access our expertise on:

  • On-shore cloud
  • Off-shore cloud
  • On-premise IT
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Multi-cloud
  • Business Transformation 
  • Security Experts
  • Cloud Managed Services 
  • Modern ways of working

But your business doesn’t run on a list of IT infrastructure. It runs on how well it can deliver value to its customers and staff.

“Operating a hybrid cloud is quite complex, one of our challenges was letting go and getting on with other work. We’ve moved from systems engineering to cloud architecture. So we’re just as busy, but on higher-value activity that delivers better services to the business.”

Kahl Olsen, ICT Manager, HBRC

That’s where our experience comes in. Our 30 years in New Zealand have helped us develop deep expertise in professional services; understanding and resolving the common challenges that Kiwi companies can face – building a custom cloud solution, connecting its parts, then helping you implement and maintain into the future.  

It’s about looking at your whole business. The processes. The team. The overall strategy. And making it all work together.  

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