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Changes to people, culture and leadership are raising new questions about the ideal ways of connecting, working, and innovating. At the same time, virtualised apps, desktops and devices with in-built personalisation and intelligence are bringing more immersive experiences and automation. 

Posts tagged "Productivity"

Organisational Alignment – Risks and Resilience

Aligning strategy is key to maximising changes, and minimising risks, of technology.

What Employees Want From the Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid transformations are becoming more and more the norm. New research reveals what employees want from their workplace, during and post-pandemic.

Making the Digital Shift

Rethinking your internal vs external capabilities - and how these scale up or down in a COVID-normal world? Here's what we recommend.

People Talent Never Comes Second with a Strategic Cloud Transition

Your move to the cloud has a cutover date, but your people do not. Managers, follow these steps to reduce uncertainty throughout the cloud.

Do You Have Digital Whiplash?

It can be challenging keeping up with all of the moving parts when it comes to digital transformation.