What CCL Can Offer

Professional Services

CCL has a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. CCL prides itself on having talented and passionate staff who have not only read the book but have travelled the road and our professional service capabilities is the culmination of this passion and drive. CCL has a history of delivering customer focused tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements or business needs including bespoke projects covering a range of services from specialised data migrations through to advanced virtual desktops and data recovery.

If you have specific business requirements or technical challenges then our professional service team are always available to find the right solution for you.

Features and Benefits

Our talented engineers carry a range of both formal training and real world experience with various vendor solutions. These include vendor qualifications from most major technology vendors including:

  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • Cisco
  • Novell
  • RedHat
  • Medtech


Change the way you think about servers and storage

CCL’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions transform computing resources into scalable, flexible units which align more closely to your business needs. Located across a national network of datacentres, CCL provides high-performance, scalable systems infrastructure removing the capital expense of owning and managing in-house server systems and computer room facilities.

CCL can deliver an “application ready” environment up to and including the operating system – ready for your business software. Optionally, migrate your workloads to our facilities by using our Professional Services team – experienced transitioned specialists, leveraging mature proprietary migration tools honed over thousands of migration workloads.

Features Include

  • Enterprise grade host servers
  • Enterprise grade storage systems
  • Dedicated, high-performance networking
  • Virtual Machine sizes based on your requirements
  • Scalability from 1 to 32 virtual CPUs and 1 GB to 64 GB of memory
  • Multiple performance tiers of disk storage to suit application requirements
  • Choice of geographically spread datacentres
  • Charged monthly based on allocated resources
  • Operating system licences included
  • Backed by 24/7 CCL Service Desk

Advanced Capabilities

  • 100% committed virtual CPUs and memory
  • Dedicated host servers
  • Use your existing operating system software license agreements
  • Utility charge model based on consumed CPU cycles
  • Enterprise grade backup
  • Fully managed by the CCL team

Data Protection

Backup is a critical part of any business system

Many internal company systems administrators are burdened by changing tapes, resolving backup failures and restoring lost user data when they should be concentrating on delivering application services and content to their business.

CCL’s Backup as a Service solution has proven itself in many real disaster events. CCL’s award winning backup as a service solution leverages proven infrastructure and design and is enabled by highly trained and experienced engineers. The solution is designed to protect all levels of your computer systems infrastructure – whether it’s in our datacentre or yours.

Features and Benefits

  • Datacentre based backup
  • Enterprise grade backup software
  • Network and storage compression
  • Client side deduplication for reduced network bandwidth
  • Server side deduplication for reduced storage consumption
  • Multiple tiers of service level
  • Disk to disk only virtual machine image
  • Disk to tape virtual machine image and file or application agent
  • Disk to tape VM and agent with private dedicated tapes
  • Tapes stored offsite from our datacentres
  • Multiple on-disk replicated copies in different geographic locations
  • Scheduled restore tests
  • Fully managed solution by CCL
  • Backed by 24/7  CCL Service Desk for user and system problem resolution

End User Computing

Revolutionise the way you work

Access business applications from any device, any time, any place. CCL’s End User Computing solutions include Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or fully managed device options. We deliver a desktop environment customised to meet your unique requirements, on a per user per month basis. CCL takes care of all the back end infrastructure and other moving parts so you can concentrate on your application content and data.

Features Include

  • Datacentre delivered Microsoft Windows desktop
  • Accessible from any device, any time, any place – phones, tablets, thin clients and traditional PCs, day or night, from work, home or mobile
  • Uses thin network protocols to compress, encrypt and encode the desktop image and deliver over remote networks across the country, or across the world
  • Choose from a set of standard applications and add your own custom requirements
  • Choice of geographically spread datacentres
  • Antivirus and patching centrally managed by CCL
  • Backed by 24/7 CCL Service Desk for end user and system support

Advanced Capabilities

  • 3D graphics delivered to remote users
  • Applications and client devices can be included in the monthly fee for complete OPEX cost per user
  • Lifecycle management of desktop and devices

Network Services

World Class Infrastructure

Complementing CCL’s datacentre hosted solutions is a set of networking technologies bridging our facilities with your office locations, remote workers and the internet. Performance and security is the foundation of our network services. These components are architected into your datacentre based solution to enable secure access to application resources and data based on best practices and your needs. Engaging with our Professional Services team we will work together to determine the solution set which best meets your needs.

Network Product Set

  • High-performance firewalls between your networks or the internet
  • Virtual-Private-Network (VPN) end points for remote workers
  • Intrusion Detection and Stateful Packet Inspection (IDS/SPI) filters
  • Network load balancing for use with multiple application servers or sites
  • WAN network performance monitoring
  • Email content filter
  • Web content filter
  • 2-factor authentication systems

Internet and WAN

Providing ultra-reliable connectivity

As part of CCL’s network services, WAN and Internet connectivity can now be delivered to clients by CCL providing an end to end ICT ecosystem allowing clients to utilise CCL as a single provider. CCL’s WAN and Internet services are backed by a dedicated Network Operations Centre which is staffed by trained and experienced Network engineers locally in Christchurch.

CCL can provide both onsite and remote support for Wide Area Network (WAN) inter datacentre connectivity, core networking, WAN optimisation, Local Area Network (LAN) and wifi support.

Features Include

  • 24/7 365 support
  • Geographic, Carrier and Hardware diverse and redundant
  • Site by Site SLA’s
  • single point of contact
  • End to End ICT ecosystem visibility allows faster resolution times
  • Capacity monitoring and reporting
  • offer up to 99.999% SLA on operational uptime

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud allows a combination of on premise, hosted and public cloud based infrastructure. It delivers flexibility and scalability by allowing a mixed environment delivering both the efficiencies of dedicated server hardware alongside the flexibility and instant scalability of public cloud services.

CCL’s hybrid cloud provides tools to manage the diverse hosting, storage and network environments to make it a seamless and secure experience for end users. The addition of public cloud environments to an existing Infrastructure can deliver a number of benefits including offshore geographical redundancy, auto-scaling for irregular loads or the ability to add additional servers on demand for short time periods for testing or specialist applications.

Specialist Skills

Our talented engineers carry a range of both formal training and real world experience with various vendor solutions. These include vendor qualifications from most major technology vendors including:

  • Flexible combinations of on premise hardware, CCL datacentre hosting and Public Cloud offerings including billing aggregation into a single invoice.
  • Management tools to control virtual machines and Software as a Service components.
  • Multiple public cloud offerings including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Microsoft Azure migration services including virtual machine migrations, Azure site recovery DR solutions, Windows 2003 server migrations to Azure cloud and Enterprise mobility suite.
  • Tuning and optimisation of public and private cloud based workloads to achieve improved performance and/or minimise costs.
  • Professional services team experienced in complex architectures and customer specific migrations.
  • Incident management including full service desk support.

Service Desk

Peace of mind

As part of our Managed Service Suite, CCL offer a unique 24 / 7 Managed Service Desk to provide clients with around the clock support. Located alongside the CCL datacentre in Christchurch, the Managed Service Desk is manned by trained and certified IT Engineers focused on resolving issues at the first point of contact. Our model ensures that our team is continually across changes within our clients’ environment, supported by robust processes and procedures. This minimises the cost and inconvenience associated with any client impacting event. The CCL Service Desk solution can be tailored to your specific needs, whether it be standard business hour support or 24/7/365.

Features Include

  • Technical support from well trained and certified engineers eg CCNA
  • First time call resolution is high due to experience and knowledge
  • Available 24 / 7
  • Understanding of client environment is main focus
  • Adaptable for requirements defined by client and their business

Project Management

Delivering to our promises

Our national Project Management Office has a team of highly qualified project managers responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of your projects . CCL’s project management office seeks to balance the constant need for innovation and change, with the requirement for good governance and strong programmatic controls. This combined with a comprehensive communication plan ensures that simple projects, through to large complex business transformation programs are guided to completion.

Our Framework

The CCL PMO team have developed a Project Management Framework to ensure a structured process is always followed when managing projects, but is flexible enough to fit in with any existing customer’s framework. When coupled with great solution design and client engagement the PMO provides a service that delivers consistent and professional outcomes.

Our Services

As well as offering a Project Manager for your engagements with CCL, we can also offer advice on setting up and managing your own internal Project Management Office.

Features Include

  • Different levels of experience depending on the size and risk of the project
  • Fully qualified Project Managers
  • Supported by a flexible PMF (Project Management Framework)
  • Customer focused reporting
  • Clearly communicated Project Change Control


Enterprise Security Platform

CCL deliver an enterprise security platform from one of their local, highly available, secure datacentres. Services range from a basic level offering layer 3 firewalling and site to site VPN to a fully custom solution. CCL ESP protects your business from malicious attacks by utilising the latest technology including; Application level firewalling, web filtering, file sandboxing and intrusion prevention capabilities.

Features Include

  • Fully managed services with 24/7 support via CCL Service Desk
  • Optional self-management access available for clients
  • Monitoring of the overall multi-tenanted platform, failures or performance issues by CCL Service Desk
  • Updated and patched regularly by CCL engineers
  • Expertise to manage and maintain
  • Stored in Government secure datacentres
  • High availability with redundant Internet connectivity
  • 24/7 Fault Identification and Resolution
  • Daily Secure Configuration Backups