Confidently protect your IT and cloud infrastructure and systems, end to end, and on an ongoing basis.

Managed services for cloud security and data protection

Our goal is to protect your IT infrastructure and your organisation, ensuring your end-users have access to the data and applications they need and creating an environment where you can grow and innovate with confidence.

We do this by deploying the appropriate IT security solutions across every part of your environment; from on-premises IT to the cloud, across local and wide area networks and through to endpoints. We also provide security management services to monitor your security on an ongoing basis; providing the ability to quickly identify, isolate and remediate threats.


Understand your risks and the best security posture for your organisation before there is a compromise.


Protect your people, devices, data, infrastructure and processes with technical safeguards and effective cybersecurity awareness training.


Identify cyber-security events quickly and adopt continuous monitoring to detect anomalous activity and other business continuity threats.


Contain the impact of a cyber incident, communicate a response plan, analyse the event, and eradicate the threat.


Fully restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity event and keep your organisation running.


Understand the security posture and risk to your organisation before there is a compromise.
Security Consulting

We work with you to assess, understand and develop your in-house security capability through onsite security “thought leadership” mentoring, and virtual CISO services. We can also deliver security assessments to identify key risks and provide practical remediation and help develop security roadmaps.

Security Awareness

To help your organisation and its staff understand the topic of security, we can implement a training platform that simulates real-world security threats using progressive testing and assisted training modules to better protect your employees and your organisation against cybersecurity threats.

Asset Identification and Vulnerability Management

Key assets are identified across your organisation, and we work with you to identify software-related security vulnerabilities that may exist in your environment, and provide recommended remediations to improve your security posture over time.


Cloud Security

Cloud services provide an opportunity to transform the way we deliver IT, including security. Many cloud platforms have good built-in security capabilities and can help to improve your security posture. However, cloud services can also introduce serious security risks if not carefully managed. CCL works with clients to achieve the best benefits of cloud security, while helping to manage the challenges and pitfalls that can occur.

Identity and Access

Identity is a key tenant of a secure environment. Being able to identify a user and provide them the right access to the right resources at the right time, while denying adversaries, affords security while improving the user experience. CCL provides identity and access solutions to enable clients in the hybrid-cloud world.

Endpoint Security

Whether your endpoint is a desktop in the office, a laptop in a café, or a server running in the cloud, there is a constant threat from adversaries trying to steal your information and make money by breaching your systems. CCL’s endpoint security services deliver protection against the latest malware and non-malware-based attacks, while maintaining the integrity and privacy of mission-critical data and applications with fully managed, lifecycle support.

Application Security

Ensure secure data flow through your applications to your user endpoints. Protect your website, email, mobile and business applications, and associated data, that reside on infrastructure that is outside of your direct control.

We help you do this with application-based firewalls that monitor and protect the inputs and outputs to your critical business applications, guarding against vulnerability-based attacks and denial of service attacks.

Our application security team will work with you to assess the risks and potential impact of an attack on your business applications and ensure you have the right protection in place, as part of a holistic cyber-security approach.

Network Security

As the perimeter dissolves and information resides within multiple data centres, both local and remote, the approach to network security needs to adapt. CCL’s security experts work with clients to deliver identity-aware network security protections across public and private clouds, wherever workloads reside.


Even the best defences will be breached given enough time. Knowing when you’ve been compromised and responding quickly can be the difference between a minor incident and a catastrophic event. How do you find out if a cybersecurity event has occurred? Are you monitoring for attacks 24×7?

Our security practice can work with you to implement the tools and processes to identify cybersecurity events, understand their impact, and remediate breaches quickly. Our Cyber Defence Operations team continuously monitor cybersecurity events and help clients improve the effectiveness of their protective security measures.


The field of security is changing all the time, and organisations need to prepare by having processes in place to take action should a cybersecurity incident be detected. And if such an event is detected, you want its impact to be contained as soon as possible. 

Our threat intelligence offerings, with supporting professional services, allow you to put measures in place that help identify and alert your organisation should there be a cybersecurity threat, and help manage and eradicate the impact of these events.


Should a security event occur, you need to contain, minimise the impact and be able to return to a working state as soon as possible. We work with you to identify appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity incident. 

We can implement Backup as a Service solutions to help protect all levels of your IT infrastructure, while cloud-based services allow for more geographically diverse options.

The goal: To support timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the impact from a cybersecurity incident.

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