Empowering end users to be efficient, productive and connected.

Modern Workplace Strategy

Integrate your users into your computing environment and bring your hybrid ways of working to life with our Modern Workplace services.

We develop your end user experience strategy by understanding how and where your users currently work, and how they access and use digital applications to enhance productivity. It is also important that we understand your vision and plans for future growth, as well as the threats that may challenge achieving that.

From here, we can define your strategy with an unbiased approach to help you select the best device, platform, applications, security and device management for your organisation focusing on:

Easy Access
Applications available across devices

Office Productivity and Collaboration

We help your people to be more productive and enable smarter working by leveraging the latest productivity and collaboration applications delivered by Microsoft 365 (M365).

We help you align the vast array of applications available in Microsoft 365 to the specific needs of your end users.

We take care of migrating your existing data, mailboxes and files into the Office environment and then provide highly responsive 24/7 support to your end users.

Cloud Desktop and Applications

We help you to simplify the management of your end user desktop environment by providing a fully managed desktop service.

We virtualise your desktop environments in our cloud, centralising management and delivering a highly reliable, secure and consistent environment to end-user devices.

Utilising our cloud transformation services, we can help you understand and identify how best to deliver your legacy applications from the cloud, enabling the scalability, flexibility, business continuity and disaster recovery options that cloud offers.

Remove the burden on your IT team of maintaining and keeping desktop environments current across a vast array of devices; we provide a managed desktop service that end-users can securely access from any location utilising any device.

Cloud Desktop and Applications deliver:

Applications that are required to be close to back-end systems and application data
Security regulations and compliance around keeping your data within the data centre or ‘four walls’
Improved business continuity planning and disaster recovery around offering flexibility to scale up or down for demand (e.g. evolving call centre requirements, working from home (WFH) scenarios).

Identity and Access Management

Systems access is a critical component of your IT security position.

Users demand access to a wide range of services. Create a consistent user experience to system access without compromising on systems’ security.

We help organisations to create and ensure access policies that are then applied across their IT estate; providing effortless access to end-users whilst ensuring critical applications and corporate data remain protected.

Unified Endpoint Management

Our Unified Endpoint Management service offloads the task of device support and lifecycle management and reduces purchasing complexity by presenting the workplace with the latest in mobile technology, all securely managed and financed on a monthly lease model.

To provide an effective user experience, you need to manage all devices and provide a consistent experience across them. This includes the ability to remote support them on their devices as well as:

Over the air provisioning of devices using cloud technology and self-service capabilities
The management of the full device lifecycle across smartphones, laptops, and tablets
Natively installed apps delivered from the cloud kept up to date
Remote support capabilities for your selected devices
Per application VPN to secure access for any application, including web links
CCL’s modern approach to PC lifecycle management uses a real-time, cloud-based approach to simplify the deployment, push policy and compliance over any network and ensure your users have access to the applications they require securely and provide a great ready to work experience. Our Unified Endpoint Management service takes on the management of your device and in return, gives you greater visibility and stability on IT costs, boosts security and saves valuable time and resource by eliminating your general day-to-day management.

Managed M365

CCL provides ongoing migration, deployment, and optimisation across the full Microsoft 365 suite, delivering a safe, flexible, and robust service to end users.