Helping New Zealand organisations accelerate cloud adoption, digital innovation, and business transformation to drive ongoing business success

Cloud Adoption and Migration

You want to set a foundation for the future, and adopting cloud platforms and digital technology to transform business is a game-changer.

Let our team of experts help guide, enable, and implement your cloud initiative so you can quickly realise the benefits of cloud and digital technology to achieve your business objectives.

We’ll accelerate and enable success, using frameworks and methodologies tested and proven on hundreds of transformation projects from around the globe to help you securely deploy and migrate your applications to the public cloud.

Key Benefits

Define your strategy

Understand the economic value

Mature security and compliance

Gain organisational alignment

Optimise efficiency and cost

Reduced time to value through rapid implementation

Digital Innovation

Transform the way your organisation works and the solutions you deliver by maximising the benefits of your cloud platform to deliver enhanced business value.

Harness the power of digital technology, automation, and new ways of working to empower your people and put in place the foundations critical for innovation. 

Move from cloud platform to digital platform, enabled by CI/CD pipelines and automation, cloud native PaaS and developer services, micro-services, containers, serverless computing, data services, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and IoT technologies.  

Redefine customer experiences, create new products, achieve more efficient operations, and deliver a more responsive and scalable business.

Key Benefits

Accelerate innovation

Maximise cloud value

Embrace new ways of working

Generate new value and revenue

Improve efficiency and agility

Re-define experiences

Business Transformation

Success over the long-term could be dependent on how quickly and effectively your organisation embraces public cloud and digital technology, and – more importantly – new ways of working and operating. 

To get there, your business, digital, and cloud strategies need to be aligned.  Key stakeholders across your organisation need to be identified and brought on the journey, in order to govern the way you implement and evolve your business and technology alignment, and address any compliance needs.

True transformation will be realised by redefining your operating models and enabling your people. By embracing modern ways of working through Lean, DevOps, CloudOps, and Agile methodologies, you unlock true value in cloud and digital technology, and future proof your organisation.

Key Benefits

Enable your people

Develop capability

Improve organisational maturity and alignment

Address compliance

Establish governance

Enhance your operating models

Managed Cloud Services

Public cloud reduces overheads and drives operational efficiency but still needs to be governed and managed correctly to unlock its real benefits. With cloud requiring new capabilities and ways of working, clients require a trusted partner to help proactively run and continuously improve their cloud environments.

Our managed cloud services plug in to modern ways of working, including Agile and DevOps practices, providing flexible, integrated options, that deliver self-service capabilities and insights across infrastructure, applications, pipelines, security, compliance and cost. Leave the running and optimisation of your public cloud to experts, allowing you to focus on business innovation and driving your organisation’s transformation.

Key Benefits

Reduce operational overheads

Maintain best practice

Focus on business value

Leverage expertise

Proactively optimise

Address security and compliance

We work with the leading cloud infrastructure providers

Google Cloud

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