Leverage the scalability, resilience, and convenience of the cloud to support your growth and enable innovation.

On-shore Cloud Services

You want to consume Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services on-demand, and you expect them to be assured, highly available and enterprise class.

We deliver this through multiple New Zealand-based data centres that enable our clients to be agile and resilient, providing a ”pay as you go” IaaS solution designed to scale to meet the needs of your organisation and to execute your cloud strategy, your way and is kept within New Zealand shores.

Key Benefits

Flexible commercial models

High availability

Agile environment

Aligned to your needs

Secure and resilient

Fully managed


CCL offers virtual machines in several different consumption models to suit varying requirements.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) virtual machines are targeted at environments that are regularly powered up and down, such as test and development environments.

Sustained Use virtual machines are suitable for production workloads, which are typically powered on and available on a 24/7 basis.

Data Storage, Backup and Protection

Your data is the lifeblood of your organisation and access to it in the event of an outage, data corruption or a request for archived information needs to be simple and reliable. Knowing you can recover it to any point in time is just as important as the live data in your applications today.

With extensive experience in cost effectively holding customer data securely within our New Zealand-based data centres, CCL’s business data backup service streamlines and simplifies the protection of your business.

Key Benefits

Simplified control and policies

Peace of mind

Reduced complexity

Reduced risk

Controlled costs

Help achieve regulatory compliance

Hybrid Cloud

Your environments are evolving, becoming increasingly complex with many applications running on different hardware on-premises and in the cloud.

Managing these disparate environments at scale, ensuring un-compromised security across an entire organisation, and enabling developer agility and innovation are critical to your success.

Being able to realise fully the investment in legacy technologies that are critical to your business but also be in a position to start to unlock the potential that new cloud technologies can offer, is vital in securing your organisation’s future success.

Managed hybrid cloud uniquely helps you meet these challenges, giving you the flexibility to innovate anywhere in your hybrid environment while operating seamlessly and securely.

Key Benefits


Alignment to needs


Integrated environments

Fully managed

Controlled costs

Public Cloud

From migration to ongoing management and business modernisation, CCL’s Transformation Services and Managed Cloud Services can give you peace of mind from your adoption of public cloud, so you gain new capabilities, efficiencies, cost savings and revenue opportunities.

With our advanced partnerships with the leading public cloud vendors, we have the expertise and resources to simplify and streamline your move to the cloud and the ongoing optimisation and operation of your workloads once they are in the cloud.

Key Benefits



Ongoing innovation

Reduced risk

Controlled costs

Help achieve compliance

Learn more: Transformation Services, Managed Services.

Strategic Partners

Take advantage of CCL’s strategic partnerships with the leading public cloud vendors.

Talk to us about which cloud deployment model will work best for your organisation