We Know Datacentres

CCL Datacentre

We know datacentres

CCL has invested heavily in DataCentres, establishing its first DataCentre in 2005. Since then CCL has setup 3 further DataCentres facilities, including its primary DataCentre located in Christchurch. The CCL Christchurch DataCentre is one of Australasia’s most advanced facilities. The facility is manned 24/7 365 days a year and has capacity for 228 rack space.

CCL DataCentre facilities support some of New Zealand’s largest and most risk averse organisations, providing surety of availability and service. Our facilities are designed, built and operated by experts, skilled in supporting the latest in high density blade technology with world class uptime and service quality.

Free cooling – artesian water

Cold water is drawn from Canterbury’s abundant aquifer network and fed through the heat exchanger, where it interacts with the closed loop cooling system, passively cooling the water as it circulates through the facilities chiller units. This provides the highest levels of efficiency through dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Uninterruptible power

Core to any datacentre is its power systems and that is why we have two of everything. Whatever your requirement, we provide a flexible and scalable power model to suit your needs. We deliver a fully diverse A&B power supply to your rack backed up by 2N UPS and backup diesel generators across both power feeds.

Cold aisle containment

Increasingly powerful technology used in production processes causes a rapid rise in heat losses from servers and networking equipment. This inevitably leads to extremely high heat generation in a confined space, which can only be counteracted with highly efficient cooling systems. We have a strong focus on protecting the climate and cutting energy costs, benefitting both our clients and the environment alike. By utilising cold aisle containment (CAC) into a “POD” arrangement, efficiency is gained while capability is increased when dealing with high density racks. Each POD is individually monitored and cooling is adjusted in real time without intervention.

True Network diversity

Multiple diverse communication links (both fibre and copper) with Chorus, Vodafone and Enable Networks. Each Telecoms provider has dual entry points into the building, which then run in opposing directions around the datacentre for true diversity, right to the rack.

High Speed Networks

  • Dual-path fibre optic networks to all major telcos
  • Security connect with ISP and other customers to reveal new business opportunities and optimise growth

Renewable Power

  • Rack density to 30kW
  • 2N uninterrupted power supply
  • 2N backup diesel generators
  • Ability to work “on the electrical grid” or “off the grid” without service interruption

Operating Efficiency

  • First datacentre in New Zealand to use artesian water – provides 100% of datacentre cooling. True “free cooling” solution
  • Air-side economiser utilised to cool the datacentre while heating the office space.
  • Free cooling secondary water chiller
  • Green Cooling: Cold aisle rack containment provides 30% efficiency gain

World Class Security

  • Perimeter fence, motion activated security, photoelectric infrared beam network
  • 24 / 7 manned facility with Code9 and Sub 5 providing proactive monitoring and patrols
  • Interlock “mantrap” used to control facility access
  • Compliant with PCI Data Security Standard (DSS)

Overall Design

  • Rittal 1200mm x 800mm 42U racks
  • In POD inline cooling units
  • True diverse A&B power supplies
  • 2N Generator, 2N UPS and battery backup for the mains power
  • Artesian aquifer fed primary free cooling system
  • Secondary N+1 free cooling water chiller
  • Air-side economisers to cool the datacentre and warm office space
  • PUE of 1.4
  • VESDA non-visible smoke detection
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on site staff
  • State-of-the-art – electrical, mechanical, fire, network and climate monitoring systems


Four layers of datacentre security

The loss of business trust and financial loss in the cases of data breach can greatly impact a business. When looking for a datacentre provider it is important to select a company with a history of security best practices and who has implemented a comprehensive multi-layered approach to physical security. The primary goal is to deter, detect and delay any person before they enter the facility.

Perimeter Security

  • 24/7 security controlled perimeter fence
  • Security lighting
  • High Definition video surveillance system
  • Intrusion detection
  • 3rd party specialised security patrols

Facility Controls

  • Visitor management system
  • High Definition video surveillance system
  • Intrusion detection
  • Internally and externally monitored security system

Datacentre Controls

  • PIR sensors
  • Manned 24/7 physical interlock
  • Physical challenge

Rack Controls

  • Uniquely keyed racks
  • Door sensors
  • Magnetic clamps
  • Biometrics