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CCL guides organisations using the best AWS frameworks and tools available to migrate to the cloud faster and more effectively. 


Leaven is CCL’s cloud and business transformation business unit, bringing local expertise and methodologies that help New Zealand organisations thrive.

Leaven’s AWS Migration Practice accelerates cloud migration across the entire cloud adoption lifecycle with dedicated professional services, business acumen, migration and modernisation tools, education, and customer support. 

We do this using a proven industry framework to increase chances of success and speed to market: assess, mobilise, migrate and modernise. 

CCL's AWS Migration Practice framework - Assess, Mobilise, Migrate and Modernise

Assess – Create a case for change

The first phase of a cloud migration begins with Application Migration Planning for Cloud which gives organisations:  

– Understanding of how far along they are on the cloud journey  

– Understanding of appropriate migration patterns in line with their technical needs 

– A practical roadmap to close identified gaps 

Our toolset: Rapid Discovery, Current IT Snapshot, Total Cost of Ownership, Migration Readiness Assessment, Briefings and Workshops and Immersion Days. 

Mobilise – Build readiness through experiences

Leaven builds capability with practical migration expertise, bringing together our extensive portfolio to your organisation’s secure and scalable AWS Landing Zone. We build our migration approach from the bottom-up ensuring least disruption for the wider business and most potential for scalability. 

Our toolset: Deep Discovery & Planning, App Dependency Mapping, Landing Zone. 

Migrate & Modernise – Accelerate transformation at scale

Both migration and modernisation patterns are important to achieving cloud benefits. Migration is best to quickly realise the value of cloud, while modernisation is best for differentiating the value of distinct apps. 

Migration strategy decision criteria are based on both business and technical aspects, for While organisations choose to migrate to quickly realise the value of cloud, other times modernisation will help them differentiate the value of distinct apps. Appropriate strategies – such as refactoring, re-platforming and retiring – are applied for each application.  

Our toolset: Workload & Data Migration, Validation. 

Our migration services

Migration to the cloud can be challenging. Every organisation has unique needs.

Leaven Application Migration Planning for CloudUnderstanding of every organisation’s unique technical landscape and dependencies is a necessary step to prepare for a successful AWS migration. This service equips clients with guidance on which applications should be moved and when, appropriate migration patterns, and a high-level practical roadmap to achieve the most effective AWS migration. 

Leaven Cloud Readiness Assessment Assessment of smaller or less complex workloads, designed to quickly find cloud advantages suited to a company’s unique needs, with minimal changes to workloads required. Business goals, context, and tool-based workload performance and interrelations are assessed. This service equips clients with essential knowledge about their cloud readiness as well as a basic Cloud Migration Plan roadmap. 

Leaven Application Migration – Migration to the cloud can be complex, requiring expertise in appropriate processes, tools and technologies. This service leverages CCL’s extensive Windows and Linux server administration expertise, AWS engineering depth and application development experience to build a target cloud environment and securely migrate applications with minimal downtime.


At CCL, our mission is to become New Zealand’s most trusted multi-cloud and IT services partner. 

Our clients trust us to do the right thing, and our success is built on this trust. We work together with our clients to help them address business and technology challenges in ways that maximise opportunity – and minimise risk.

Clients call on CCL because they want a safe pair of hands to navigate an uncertain future. We’re respected for doing what we say we will – and often deliver more than we promise. 

Want to find out more about how CCL’s Migration Practice can help your organisation achieve more with the cloud?

Case Studies

KMD Brands - person scaling mountain

KMD Brands summits AWS Cloud

KMD Brands is adopting AWS Cloud with the help of Leaven to simplify connectivity, reduce overheads, and strengthen IT confidence for its three retail brands.

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AsureQuality’s staged migration

AsureQuality needed to pivot its large-scale food assurance systems and data, doing so safely and efficiently. Read about how CCL helped them make the staged migration to AWS. 

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Jet IT’s uptake of public cloud

In-country clouds and public clouds from global providers each have their benefits. Jet IT wanted to keep its local hosting for its ERP services, but wanted to modernise for security and a raft of other public cloud benefits. Read about how CCL led the migration. 

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