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CCL delivers migration services to help organisations move their applications and databases to Microsoft Azure.


Databases – and Microsoft SQL Server, in particular – underpin many, if not most applications, and there are myriad advantages when moving and refactoring SQL in Microsoft Azure.

With its team of Azure experts, CCL provides end-to-end application assessment and migration services, helping organisations navigate and move their applications and databases to the cloud.

Here are two examples where CCL has helped two organisations transition their SQL Server database platform from their on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure.

Metro Performance Glass

Metro Performance Glass (MPG) is at the forefront of providing high-performance glass and industry-leading service to Australasian residential and commercial construction markets.

MPG has an extensive network of seven Australasian processing plants and fifteen distribution or retail sites across New Zealand. They are Australasia’s leading manufacturer and installer of double-glazed windows for both new residential and retrofit markets, with 950 staff throughout New Zealand.

CCL provided technical expertise in the design and implementation of a solution that transitioned the core infrastructure components of MPG’s Final Measure application to Microsoft Azure.

Key components of the application previously resided on-premises including a MongoDB, SQL and IIS-based web application in a hybrid architecture. CCL utilised database migration services to successfully transition the on-premises based infrastructure to their PaaS equivalent services in Azure, utilising CosmosDB, SQL PaaS and Azure Application Services respectively.

With the environment fully transitioned and consolidated in Azure, utilising PaaS services, MPG can fully benefit from the increased resiliency and scale the Azure platform provides, while reducing ongoing operational overheads by using Azure PaaS services.

Local council

CCL has been engaged with a local council located in the South Island of New Zealand.

With nearly 300 staff, the council provides and supports a full range of services to the local residents/rate payers in their region. These services include property consents, water in/out, rubbish collection and recycle, noise control, and alcohol licensing in the region. The council also manages community areas, parks and playgrounds.

CCL has been working with the council on a cloud strategy engagement. As part of the engagement, key areas were identified where the council could derive value from migrating their on-premises servers to Microsoft Azure.

Pilot migration opportunity

One of the identified areas was the pilot migration of three distinct application groups (defined as simple, medium and complex) to provide an indicative view as to the level of effort required to migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure.

This approach set out to provide the following benefits:

  • Validate the cost and level of effort required to migrate typical application groups to Azure
  • Allow for well-informed business costs moving forward based on validated migration costs of pilot workloads
  • Opportunity to mature the council’s own capability (through understanding migration methods and platform modernisation)

Prior to the migration, CCL leveraged the guidance of the Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) framework.  MVC incorporates a set of design principles and an automation framework that provides templates and orchestration to automate the deployment of a cloud environment, together with auditable source control to maintain consistency.

The identified application types that were migrated involved methods including:

  • Building new within Azure
  • Migrating existing IaaS workloads from on-premises to Azure
  • Migrating existing SQL databases into Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Deploying applications (using a basic CI/CD pipeline) in Azure Static Web Apps
  • Deploying applications in Azure App Services

Find out how you can take advantage of Microsoft Azure to power your SQL database

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