Working at CCL

CCL supports clients at every step in the management and modernisation of their business technology. 

From attraction through to transition, CCL believes in developing a culture of inclusion, ensuring our teams – across the country – have the support, resources and enablers to be successful.

And for our clients, we adopt a client-centric approach that is focused on delivering positive outcomes, building relationships that can continue to deliver value over the long-term.

As an equal opportunity employer, we offer a range of benefits and opportunities.

CCL is part of Spark Business Group. The link below will take you to the careers page on Spark New Zealand’s website and you will be able to view all current vacancies across Spark Business Group.

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Why Join CCL

Career development opportunities

We have a wide range of career opportunities for talented like-minded people. These include client-facing technical, consulting and business development roles; working with the latest technologies, with opportunities to grow and evolve as you design your career.

Flexible and supportive environment

The wellbeing of our staff is important to us, and we support and foster personal growth. We offer Flexible Working Arrangements giving you the flexibility to work at your best where it makes most sense. You will also be supported by a team of experts in their fields, collectively helping raise the bar of what we do for our clients.

Training and development

We believe in investing in our people and their development. Training, support and development is an integral part of your time here in CCL and our performance and development strategy is designed to assist you move into your new role or more specialised opportunity.

Competitive remuneration

We empower and foster our people to do their best. In support of this we offer a remuneration package that is very competitive, it includes healthcare, life insurance and phone allowances.

Our Values

CCL is built on and around its people, who have adopted core, complementary values and operating principles that define how we work with each other and our clients.

We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.


We strive for better outcomes for our clients and ourselves.


We take pride in what we deliver to our clients, our workmates and to our communities.


We honour our heritage and each other by always being our best.


We give trust unearned.

Our Story

CCL supports clients at every step in the management and modernisation of their business technology. 

From government departments, local governments and DHBs to energy providers, insurers, and special projects, CCL’s end-to-end IT management, cloud platforms, and technology services are tested and proven by some of New Zealand’s most demanding organisations.

CCL is also part of the Spark group of companies, New Zealand’s largest digital services provider, helping New Zealand business win big in a digital world.

Who are we looking for?

Regardless of the type of role you might perform, or your area of expertise, we look for people with a range of aptitudes and qualities:

Growth Mindset – You are adaptable and open to change and learning, as well as sharing knowledge and experience.

Passionate about Client Success – You do what you say you will do, when you said you would do it and you challenge for better outcomes.

Problem Solving Capabilities – You build a logical approach to address problems and/or opportunities. You manage the situation at hand by drawing on your knowledge and experience base, calling on other references and resources as necessary.

Analytical Thinking – You work systematically and logically to resolve problems; identify root causes and anticipate unexpected results. You manage issues by drawing on your own experiences and knowledge and can identify when to ask for help.

Ability to Embrace Learning – You have the ability to absorb new information readily and put it into practice effectively, and you continue to seek feedback to improve.

Leadership Presence – Everyone can be a leader, and we look for leaders who have a range of core qualities:

  • You have the ability to connect authentically with others’ thoughts and emotions;
  • You express feelings and emotions appropriately to the social context
  • You seek to optimise you and your team’s strengths by contributing to the CCL community of learning
  • You ask questions, and listen; you actively address areas of personal and professional development.

Values and mindset

Our people, our business and our clients’ success rely on us working as one team, this means that we all:

  • Own delivery and deliver with excellence
  • Pitch in and collaborate for team success
  • Support courageous, bold thought leadership and initiatives
  • Relish challenge and provide a fail fast and rebound environment
  • Show respect for others and accept different cultures and perspectives
  • Celebrate who we are and actively promote Equal Employment Opportunities and seek to build a diverse and multi-cultural team
  • Recognise every team member has an impact and a voice

Current Vacancies

Our people are our difference, and we’re always on the lookout for talented people to help us achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients.


View current roles within CCL and Spark Business Group