There's no doubt that security is always important and ever evolving. All the more reason to review now what it means to be cyber smart.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can never be complacent, and while you may not think of yourself as a likely target, you are! Many types of cyber-attacks rely on people clicking on links or downloading something that gives a cyber-criminal access to our network – they target businesses through their people, using phishing emails, for example.

At CCL, we’re serious about IT security, both internally and for our clients. This is why we’re always on the cusp of new trends and insights, refining our practice, and are passionate about always sharing our knowledge. No one knows this better than Jenny Botton, Head of Corporate Information Security, Governance & Assurance here at CCL. From her wealth of experience in cybersecurity, Jenny shares some sage advice about what it means to be cyber-smart with security, starting with getting the fundamentals right.


Conduct best practice vulnerability checking​

Vulnerability checking is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive security practice; it allows you to proactively address weaknesses in your systems and services, reducing the risk of security breaches. Are you following best practice when conducting your vulnerability checking?


Stay on top of staff development

Having the right security tools is a good starting point; however, people will always remain an organisation’s biggest security risk. Creating a cyber-aware and smart team should form a critical part of your security practice.


Manage your organisation’s identities

How do you keep your organisation secure while empowering your people to be connected and productive? Identity management encompasses a range of policies, processes, and technologies aimed at managing and controlling user identities and their access to various resources within an organisation’s IT environment. Jenny walks us through an overview of how to navigate identity management of users and assets.


Right-size your governance

Security governance, not to be confused with IT security management, is the system by which your organisation directs and controls your IT security. Good security governance ensures that you have the right management approach to managing IT investments, expectations, and risks for your organisation. Jenny tells us more about what governance is and how to right-size governance for security for your organisation.

Security Services from CCL

Security is an ever-evolving practice that requires end-to-end, ongoing management from experts who are ceaseless in being on top of the technologies, practices, and threats in this demanding space. As managed service providers of cyber security, we deeply understand what it requires to get it right. From identifying global threats to detecting cybersecurity events with continuous monitoring and quick recovery of security events, our team has deep expertise in it all. That’s why our customers recommend managed security services from CCL.