Delivering high-quality infrastructure relies on smart people, robust systems, and a smooth-running digital engine room. With an eye to improved digital safeguards, Fulton Hogan adopted CCL’s Endpoint Protection Pro service to sharpen the edge on its cybersecurity.

Fulton Hogan is a huge business with a big reputation. Its team of 11,000 employees and contractors operate in 400 locations, delivering critical national infrastructure across Australia and New Zealand.

Robust cybersecurity is crucial to the organisation’s business continuity and stakeholder goodwill. The firm’s recent moves into high-profile joint venture projects further raised the bar for cybersecurity and 24/7 threat detection and response capabilities.

How Endpoint Protection Transformed Fulton Hogan’s Cybersecurity

“There is always the risk of disruption or reputation damage. The theme around here is to plan for when, not if.”

Steve Adams

Group Manager – Information Technology & Innovation, Fulton Hogan

The challenge

Steve Adams, Fulton Hogan’s Group Manager – Information Technology & Innovation, takes a multifaceted approach to security, involving both cyber awareness training and specialist cybersecurity services to protect the enterprise sharp end – or rather, endpoints.

“We’ve got to have the right people doing the right things at the right times,” Adams said. “There are two parts to that: endpoint protection that we know is capable; and wraparound services to maintain eyes on glass.”

CCL’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) had supported Fulton Hogan with IT incident and event management for many years. However, the firm wanted more eyes on monitoring and processes supporting a faster response to suspicious activity.

CCL’s modern EDR (endpoint detection and response) platform addressed the technology challenge, but the decisive factor was a specialist service bringing 24/7 attention to threat detection and remediation.

“Shifting from traditional antivirus to EDR provides significantly better visibility to security events. We’re able to stop something before it becomes a problem – stop lateral movement and rogue processes.” – Steve Adams | Group Manager – Information Technology & Innovation | Fulton Hogan

The solution

CCL’s Endpoint Protection Pro service unifies detection and management of security breaches. Delivered from CCL’s SOC, the 24/7 service is built on CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform, with CCL engineers maintaining “eyes on glass” to ensure attention and response times at 2:00 am are just as good at 2:00 pm.

The CCL service’s finer workings include advanced workflows managing real-time indicators of attack and other threat intelligence. Collectively they perform as enriched enterprise-wide telemetry, ensuring engineers can hunt and remediate vulnerabilities on the fly.

Day and night, suspicious activity is automatically blocked or contained and reviewed by CCL engineers. The team also works with Fulton Hogan security experts to prioritise fixes and make other adjustments to the firm’s security posture.

Endpoint Protection Pro service modules in play:

  • Insight: Endpoint monitoring records activity to catch incidents that evaded prevention
  • Overwatch: AI-native powered threat hunting proactively seeks out suspicious activity
  • Discover: Oversight of computers, applications, and accounts strengthen defences
  • Device Control: Integrated visibility and policies reduce risks attached to USB devices
  • LogScale Cloud: Long term centralised log management informs decisions relating to network performance and security

The arrangement also provides Fulton Hogan team members with access to modules via a secure portal, where they can investigate operational and security incidents and liaise with CCL engineers to plot the best course of action.

“We’re running various scenarios to clarify what happens automatically and next steps,” Adams said. “CCL is really adaptable, suggesting new services and how we can do things differently to keep improving.”

“The Fulton Hogan board trusts us to make the right decisions – that we’re selecting the products, services, and partners that will take us to a better place.” – Steve Adams | Group Manager – Information Technology & Innovation | Fulton Hogan

The results

Switching to CCL’s modern EDR delivered as a managed service puts Fulton Hogan’s cybersecurity on the front foot, with new capabilities to respond in real time to seek and destroy security breaches.

24/7 eyes on glass

CCL engineers maintain around-the-clock visual contact with Fulton Hogan’s IT environment, minimising the chance of the engineering firm being caught short or having to scramble to make up for lost time when a breach has been left to fester or moves laterally.  

Lightening the security load

Consuming CCL’s EDR service frees up Fulton Hogan engineers. Rather than having to watch screens themselves, or power through queued email alerts, Fulton Hogan’s cyber specialists work with CCL’s specialist cybersecurity team to take decisive action.

Minimised exposure to security events

Fulton Hogan’s security team can breathe easier knowing that threat detection is faster than it used to be, thanks to high-fidelity alerts, AI-powered behavioural analysis, and vulnerability prioritisation.

Project compliance

Fulton Hogan’s cybersecurity ticks the boxes on compliance and ISO certification, providing both partners and clients with the confidence that its IT services are fit for the job.  

Reputation intact

Big security breaches these days make news headlines. Operating cybersecurity based on “when, not if” a breach occurs, Fulton Hogan can detect bad actors and vulnerabilities before they morph into bigger problems.

The CrowdStrike Edge

CCL is proud to be an Elite Partner of CrowdStrike® in New Zealand. This recognition highlights CCL's exceptional expertise in delivering advanced cybersecurity solutions powered by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. CCL's team of experts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, ensuring a smooth integration of CrowdStrike Falcon into your existing security infrastructure. CCL will also help you leverage the full potential of CrowdStrike Falcon's features to proactively prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

By partnering with CCL and CrowdStrike, you gain unmatched protection. With CCL you’ll access unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of success in implementing and managing cybersecurity solutions. CrowdStrike Falcon’s industry-leading endpoint protection and threat intelligence technology combines with CCL’s New Zealand-based support to deliver a dedicated team of security professionals, ready to assist you whenever you need it. CCL and CrowdStrike offer the ideal partnership to meet your cybersecurity needs.


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