Wellington, 25 July 2023

Leading cloud specialist CCL has announced the launch of managed hybrid cloud service CloudIQ – an innovative new solution that allows businesses to integrate and orchestrate diverse cloud environments across on-premise, private, and public cloud, tailoring the optimal mix to their business needs.

Richard Adams, CEO at CCL says, “Often we see cloud transformation discussions focus on a fixed choice between private and public cloud environments, but industry research shows that 77 per cent of organisations actually prefer a hybrid approach. This allows them to use different clouds for different workloads, while still being able to obtain a single view and level of orchestration across them all, and that’s what we set out to deliver with CloudIQ.”

CloudIQ provides organisations with a unified platform and comprehensive visibility and control across various cloud environments. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimise cost efficiency by choosing the most suitable cloud solutions for different applications and workloads, while optimising resource allocation.

Adams continues, “We see firsthand how complex it can be for businesses to transition to the cloud, particularly when they rely on legacy systems in some parts of their operations, or they have workloads that they want to keep stored in New Zealand. The beauty of CloudIQ is that it provides flexibility to deploy the right mix of cloud platforms, as well as a transition path from old to new without having to make changes to all workloads at once, or without having to treat all workloads the same.

“At CCL we are uniquely placed to support our customers with a managed hybrid cloud solution, with our own locally owned and domicled data centre network, our strong relationships with hyperscale public cloud providers, and our ability to provide local knowledge and expertise on-the-ground. We’re looking forward to working with our customers to help them become more productive and sustainable through technology.”

As a trusted provider of cloud services and part of Spark Business Group, CCL has a proven track record of delivering successful cloud solutions to a wide range of New Zealand organisations. Spark Business Group owns and operates 16 local data centres, with an additional $250-$300 million being invested in data centre expansion in the coming years. Spark Business Group has strategic partnerships with leading technology providers such as Microsoft, AWS, HPE, and VMware. As a team of cloud experts, CCL is well-positioned to support organisations in their cloud transformation journey.