Wellington, 5 August 2020

Craig McGregor, Mimecast’s channel director, said the award reflects CCL’s growing security practice and alignment with the vendor’s go-to market strategy.

Tim Sewell, CCL’s Director – Information Security Management, said he was delighted CCL had scooped the award.

“We’ve had a big year, substantially growing our security practice,” Sewell said. “More clients realise that they need better protection to foil email-borne attacks, which are more sophisticated and increasingly impersonating trusted providers, such as Microsoft Office 365, Amazon, Google, even the IRD and NZ Post. Mimecast manages these threats and provides education and awareness training to increase cyber-resiliency.”

He said people who routinely used browser-based logins to access cloud services tended to let their guard down, providing an easy in for fraudsters to steal user login credentials.

“Mimecast is a special breed of security vendor that delivers a single integrated security platform to repel email attacks originating beyond the perimeter of physical domains,” Sewell said. “It’s good to have them in our armoury to provide stronger protection against the growing wave of advanced phishing and impersonation attacks.”

“Security is a cluttered market and you’ve got to work with switched on partners who know how to pitch your special sauce. CCL has delivered great outcomes over a year that witnessed accelerated adoption of cloud-based email and frantic cybercriminal activity,”

Craig McGregor, Mimecast