Wellington, 12 July 2023

New research predicts enterprises that do not address their talent and digital skills gap could experience a 20 per cent fall in revenue growth

In a new report, IDC predicts that by 2026, New Zealand enterprises that do not effectively address the talent and digital skills gap in their organisation will constrain revenue growth opportunities by 20 per cent due to job attrition and underperforming teams.

In addition, the organisations in Aotearoa that invested in hybrid working technology solutions were addressing talent shortages more urgently as well as experiencing an average 27 per cent improvement across multiple business metrics (particularly user experience and satisfaction), profitability, innovation success rates, and increased business agility.

In the IDC InfoBrief Building Resilient Modern Workplaces, commissioned by hybrid cloud specialist CCL, the research delves into productivity and collaboration in the ‘future of work’ and modern workplaces.

“As a result of the uncertainties related to geopolitical tensions, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace transformation is now a top priority area of investment. However, many organisations lack the expertise and digital skills to carry out workplace transformation initiatives,” says Louise Francis, Country Manager, IDC New Zealand. “In addition, our research found that New Zealand enterprises were able to address their skills gaps more urgently through faster technology deployment and enhanced user experiences.”

The barriers to building resilient modern workplaces

Working remotely is something many New Zealanders became familiar with during COVID-19 but 58 per cent of organisations are not fully prepared to meet the needs of hybrid workers. The report cites effective and accessible IT support for remote workers; accessing expertise, remote access to data, applications and content; and visibility and management of trusted devices as some of the barriers to building a resilient modern workplace.

Richard Adams, CEO of CCL says, “Hybrid and remote working can sometimes create complexity for organisations managing multiple systems for their people who are working from both the office and at home. The challenge is to balance new ways of working while providing a secure, scalable and seamless modern workspace that enables employees to work from anywhere to enhance productivity and promotes flexible working and collaboration.

“Working with a reputable provider of digital transformation services, such as CCL, can help organisations bring hybrid ways of working to life. Not only can we help ensure New Zealand businesses enable their teams to better utilise their technology investments with our modern workplace services, we can also help them navigate a constantly changing technology environment.”

The IDC InfoBrief, commissioned by CCL, Building Resilient Modern Workplaces is available for download here.