CCL can work alongside your organisation to enable your development and engineering teams to adopt DevOps principles and instil a DevOps culture, to help drive better outcomes with AWS Cloud.


CCL is committed to enabling its clients to rapidly adopt the AWS Cloud, and to make the most of the opportunity DevOps principles can provide.

Regardless of where you are at in your cloud journey, CCL can work alongside you, in long-term engagements to enable your development and engineering teams to adopt DevOps principles and instil a DevOps culture.

CCL has multiple offerings related to DevOps reviews and enablement, and deep experience across the AWS DevOps tech stack, including CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeCommit and CodeArtifact.

Our DevOps services

Whether you are yet to embrace DevOps or you’re ready to extend your capability, we have a range of propositions that can help.

DevOps Accelerator Workshop and Assessment – For organisations just starting their transformation journey, we offer an intense two-day workshop to help educate teams on the foundational principles and techniques of DevOps. These workshops serve to align teams and leadership alike. We follow up with an interview based assessment and help build an actionable roadmap that organisations can use to bolster their DevOps technical and cultural practices.

Infrastructure As Code – Our expert team helps organisations make the shift to defining infrastructure as code, allowing teams to take advantage of modern software development practices to reduce risk and increase the flow of value to customers. We have skills across a variety of IaC tools including CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, and Azure Resource Manager.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery – Repeatability and risk reduction are at the heart of DevOps automation technologies. Our team are experts in helping organisations establish fast flow and fast feedback automation practices. Our team of consultants assist teams in building a unified automation framework and service catalogue to ensure customers are able to come along on the DevOps journey, own automation, and use it to deliver rapid value.

Build your DevOps Toolchain – Our team has a wide experience with a variety of DevOps tools. We help organisations build ownership around their DevOps toolchain so that they can leverage the value it provides for the long term.  

Key benefits

Culture – we help organisations build cultures that are nimble, that can quickly respond to challenges, driving better collaboration and outcomes for the organisation.

Automation – Our teams focus on repeatable, scalable patterns so that clients can bolster resiliency and leverage automation to build value moving forward.

Empowerment and Learning – Empowerment and learning are core values of DevOps. Our engineers co-deliver with our clients to help build cultures based on learning. Learning organisations are more effective, have higher employee retention, and can respond to new challenges quickly.

Metrics – We help teams in using DevOps tools and techniques to establish cultures and operating models based on measurable data. Metrics fundamentally allow teams to operate in a predictable, risk adverse way allowing for faster cycles and decreased risk.

Resiliency – New Zealanders demand reliable services. Our DevOps services put resiliency first as we help customers adopt techniques and practices that build robust, resilient, fault tolerant systems. We help organisations build resilient cultures that are based on health knowledge sharing and upskilling.


At CCL, our mission is to become New Zealand’s most trusted multi-cloud and IT services partner. 

Our clients trust us to do the right thing, and our success is built on this trust. We work together with our clients to help them address business and technology challenges in ways that maximise opportunity – and minimise risk.

Clients call on CCL because they want a safe pair of hands to navigate an uncertain future. We’re respected for doing what we say we will – and often deliver more than we promise. 

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