Working For CCL

Why Join Our Team

Working For CCL

Why Join Our Team

Challenging & Innovative

Here at CCL we have a wide range of career opportunities for talented likeminded people. These range from Service Desk Engineers, Client Relationship Managers to National Practice Managers.

Flexible & Supportive

Our people mean the world to us. We are always on the lookout for professionals who want to be a part of the exciting projects we are across and are as passionate as we are.

Training, Development & Certification

We believe in investing in our people and their development. Training, support and development is an integral part of your time here in CCL and our performance and development strategy is designed to assist you move into your new role or more specialised opportunity. Growth is important to our business and to our people.


We empower and foster our people to do their best. In support of this we offer a remuneration package that is very competitive, it includes healthcare subsidy and phone allowances. Training and certification is a strong focus for us and is a reason people join us and we support this personal growth.

Meet Our Team

Read Our Teams Stories

Chris Taylor

Senior Systems Engineer

As a company CCL has real heart and soul! There are just so many amazing people that continuously give it 100% to strive to deliver great solutions for our customers. As a team we know how to work hard but in equal measures we know how to play hard also, we have a lot of fun. The CCL culture is what makes me turn up to work each morning.

Personally I think that having enthusiastic staff who are passionate about what they do, who strive to deliver quality and innovated solutions is the number one factor that really makes CCL special and stand out in the crowd.

Ana Lyne Elliott


I was approached by CCL to develop their in-house Billing System eight years ago, a Wish Fulfilled for a female Filipino Computer Programmer who obtained her qualifications in Computer Information Systems from British Columbia, Canada.

For me, CCL is more than just a workplace. It is a world where I exist armed with my funky shoes, funky clothes, Martial Arts and love of programming. I am surrounded with code, logic, databases, systems integrating with each other, complex infrastructure supported by brilliant minds and geniuses ever willing to share their knowledge. The most amazing thing is that amongst them grew a friendship that fuelled my strength and passion to overcome challenges.

To say that I hop and skip to work daily is an understatement. Why would I not be? I am going to work in my ultimate playground knowing that my day is full of laughter, accomplishments, gratifications, learning and most of all Friendship.

Daniel van Trierum

Senior Systems Engineer

By the time December 2014 rolls around, I will have been with CCL for nine years after initially applying for a role as a Systems Engineer. The role I began in was Help Desk Support and involved supporting a large Citrix environment for a key Nelson client. As the role grew, so too my work experience grew and I began to be involved in rollouts of Small Business Servers around the region. Other technologies, like shared storage, virtualisation and enterprise compute continued my knowledge and experience growth, bringing a significant amount of diversity to the role. As exposure to these technologies grew, so too my personal areas of interest became more and more apparent, and more recently, I have been able to focus on storage and virtualisation for various clients around New Zealand whilst still remaining based in the Nelson office. I have been given the chance to train on and am certified in various hypervisor products, but I have personally developed a very deep knowledge and understanding of the Microsoft products. I have been able to indulge this passion and have lead the deployment of some extensive Microsoft solutions to a number of large local and national clients.

One of the key differentiators at CCL is that we, as engineers, are encouraged to think outside the box and not necessarily conform to a predictive formula, but rather focus on delivering innovative, client focussed solutions. This means that I get the opportunity to explore and be involved in a wide range of technologies and these opportunities continue to grow as the IT industry continues to expand.

Having grown from the Help Desk engineer of nine years ago, it is great to now be in a the position to assist the greater engineering team, both locally here in Nelson and also across the wider National branches. As part of a much larger national team, I have access to all of the engineers across the country to discuss their areas of expertise and in the same way, they can also reach out to me for assistance in my specialist areas. We are a passionate group of individuals and love utilising technology to its full potential – the past nine years has gone quickly and I suspect the next nine will too.

David Bird

Sales Manager

I have been with CCL a year and I am the Sales Manager, leading a diverse team of Client Relationship Managers in our Christchurch office.
After engaging with CCL as a Partner in a previous role it was refreshing to confirm that what was perceived externally was reflected internally. Here in CCL I found I enjoy mostly the people and the passion of these people which comes through in their engagements with each other and clients.
Having had vast experience in the industry it is always great to see that the DNA of the business is to do the best by the customer, driven by ethics and morals.
I try not to let my technical back ground out, but sometimes the emotion of the situation brings him out into the open.

Steve Hartstonge

Service Desk Manager

When I started at CCL, six years ago, I was only a couple of years into a career change. I was self-taught and nervous about how I would fit in amongst a group of supremely talented people. What amazed me over time wasn’t just the ability, but the attitude of everyone at CCL. We work hard, we care about our team mates and we enjoy ourselves.

The atmosphere within CCL and the camaraderie between staff really shows up in how we work day to day. Being comfortable to openly express ideas and challenge conventional thinking really allows us to think outside the box and come up with concepts that drive growth and development. Implementing solutions because they are industry standard is one thing, but being able to formulate and deliver industry leading ideas is what really sets CCL apart from the competition.


Looking back, I have watched as CCL and our people have grown. I still feel grateful for the opportunity I was given. Someone took a chance on me and every day I enjoy repaying that faith. If someone were to ask me what makes CCL, the answer would simply be the people and the culture. There is an underlying belief within CCL that if the ability and attitude are in place, great things will occur…. and they have.